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Km 4, road to Amizmiz Marrakesh 40000

Fez, the cradle of Moroccan gastronomy

Fez can be described as the cradle of Moroccan gastronomy. And if all the cities of Morocco can be proud of their cuisine, Fez is the most famous at this level. It is often said that Fez has made gastronomy its philosophy! Very diversified, the Fassie cuisine is the fruit of centuries of exchange and openness to other peoples with, in particular, very marked Slavic, Persian and Andalusian influences. Throughout the 19th century, everyone came with their own culture, creating a culinary "melting pot". After the reconquest of Spain in the 15th century, many Andalusians settled in the medina and brought their recipes with them. Thus, today we can taste tasty dishes inherited from the Arab-Andalusian tradition, dominated by the alliance of sweet and savoury. Indeed, this cuisine subtly combines sweet and savoury. This by using all kinds of spices and condiments, such as cumin, coriander, pepper and sweet pepper or even cinnamon, honey, orange blossom... Without forgetting the different flavours of olive oil according to the recipes.
Fez is not included in our all-inclusive offer; it is an additional restaurant to allow you a tasty moment of intimacy.

The menu of Fez