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Km 4, road to Amizmiz Marrakesh 40000

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Conscious hospitality

Appropriate sanitary protocols

Beyond the beautiful sentences

Your health safety is our primary concern.

These are not just words: From the period of confinement in Morocco, Eden Andalou took on her responsibilities;

A team was created to create our health protocol under the supervision of our President Mr. Chaoui; it studied all the health protocols of many countries, examined the new regulations, organized many meetings, meetings, tests for all employees and finally established a strict protocol validated and controlled by the Moroccan authorities.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the hotel is taking measures to ensure the safety of its guests and staff. As a result, some services and facilities may be reduced or unavailable.

- A Whatsapp group was created, bringing together all the members of this team to circulate information, practically day and night.
- A medical officer of health was recruited, validating our health protocol.
- A hygiene referent has been appointed who ensures that our teams update and respect the rules and good practices.
- new working methods have been validated; cleaning and disinfection methods and frequencies, systematic mask wearing for our staff, distance and barrier gestures towards customers, payment management, etc.
- New adapted products have been referenced.
- Numerous training sessions have been organized by teams, for all staff, profession by profession.
- New rules have been set for all our staff.

- We have ordered huge quantities of masks, disposable suits, hydro-alcoholic gels, protective gloves, charlottes, etc... and are making sure they are used properly.
- We have put in place specific signage, both for staff in all work and rest areas and for customers.

We also wanted to reconcile these a priori restrictive measures with the needs of our customers for relaxation and relaxation;

This short video will show you what life is like today at Eden Andalou;

Do you have any questions?

Contact directly Siham, our hygiene referent, and ask her any questions you may have about sanitary rules and our protocols.
Keep up to date with the latest health news


The situation in each country is constantly changing.
We will inform you of any changes concerning Eden Andalou and Marrakech, in particular regarding health protocols.
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