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Enjoy a tasty kitchen

The Eden Andalou has 4 restaurants installed on both sides of the broad "esplanade Andalusian central" that welcomes their terraces. The food there is very neat. The restaurant "Atlas" offers international cuisine in rich and varied buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner (All Inclusive) Two restaurants to the card allow you to vary the pleasures. You can enjoy a tasty Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in the restaurant "La Toque ", And if initiate to the subtleties of the Moroccan cuisine, the most refined of the cherifian kingdom, at the restaurant "The Fez" in a decor 100 traditional stucco with delicate, stained glass windows of color, zelliges (mosaic faience) and musician arabo-andalusian.
The Snack Mimosa near the swimming pool is ideal for cooling off, or a light snack or a light meal around the pool under the lemon trees or olive trees. (Open alternately) The Bar Bougainvilla, (All Inclusive) for offering drinks to willingness of 10h00 to 23h00 and you are also welcome to you the dripping from 16h. The Jazz Bar: Very cozy, with terrace on the Esplanade, animates the hotel by its music and its atmosphere.
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